Formula 10.0.6 Review

  Anyone that knows me well can tell you that I’m kind of really lazy. Well, not super lazy but when it comes to my skincare, I stick to my basics and what works for me.  I try not to ever fall into hypes over magic new formulas for this and that because I’m lucky enough to have pretty okay skin.  Of… Read more →

#TBT Toronto November 2014

  I was feeling quite nostalgic the other day while looking back and photos and decided to upload a short post on our trip to Toronto/Ontario from November 2014.   We flew into Canada from Chicago during the big USA trip.  It was the shortest stay of our trip with only one full day as we landed quite late in the evening… Read more →

Japan November 2015

  Japan is one of those countries that you never get sick of visiting.  No matter how many times you have been to Japan, you always come across something new – new food, new shops, new bars, new friends.  The list just goes on and on! Hubby and I made a pact that we would try and make a trip… Read more →

Nivea Post Shave Balm Review

  I stopped giving into a lot of hype over makeup products about a year ago.  Trying to be good and not spend money on items that I clearly didn’t need or know that I wouldn’t use ever was probably one of the hardest things a shopaholic can do to herself **insert really loud cry** Spending small amounts of money… Read more →

Lazy pasta reciepe

*takes deep breath* I love cooking and I love the time spent prepping and the process but sometimes you just want the food NOW and skip the whole 4348303 hours in the kitchen getting dinner ready and sometimes there isn’t much in the fridge or pantry but grocery shopping day isn’t for another 4 days and I can’t be bothered going after… Read more →