Stuff you should never say to an expectant mother

Pregnancy is such a wonderful time but I’m not going to lie, some days are very difficult.  Your body changes so rapidly, mood swings kick in and sometimes there are days where you just feel shit about yourself and it doesn’t help when people just say things to you that can be irritating.  I pride myself in being a very patient person however during this… Read more →

Neglected Beauty Tools

When it comes to keeping our makeup and makeup brushes clean, it always seems like such a big chore but we always manage get the job done.  Deep cleaning my brushes and sponges is one of the worst things in the world.  But sometimes – actually most of the time we forget about the other beauty tools that we use on… Read more →

Meet Maxwell Van Nguyen

Hi everyone!  I hope everyone had a pleasant start to 2017!  I just wanted to quickly stop past the blog while I had a minute and introduce to you all the new addition to our family, Maxwell Van Nguyen. Maxwell was born Friday 20th January 2017 at 3.21pm weighing at 3.585kgs via emergency C- Section.  If you follow me on… Read more →

Mussel, Prawn & Tomato Pot

One of my favourite dishes that without fail everyone devours within minutes is my mussel and prawn tomato pot.  Although the prep time takes awhile due to washing and cleaning the fresh mussels, it’s super duper worth being patience because the flavours are just insane in your mouth.  It’s the perfect dish for summer – imagine yourself sitting on the… Read more →

What’s in my hospital bag?

  Currently it’s almost 6.30am and I have had about just under two and a half hours sleep.  Firstly because the weather has been hovering around 28 degrees all night (82 fahrenheit) so it’s been quite yuck and secondly my body just cannot tolerate lying down for long periods of time before I get really uncomfortable.  I’ve been getting through the… Read more →