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Diary 9th December 2015

  Wow, it’s been exactly a month since I’ve blogged!   I’ve now been back a week and slowly getting into the swing of things again.  Sorry guys!  I know my Instagram has been lacking beauty posts and was taken over by food for a while but it’s all going back to normal soon I promise! The trip was a perfect… Read more →

Diary Entry 13th August 2015

  It feels as though I have neglected my Blog for a long time..  Well, 3 weeks in Blog years is quite awhile right? I hope everyone has been well – I just spent 2 hours this morning catching up on all the blogs from the past week and finally feel at ease now that I’m caught up with everyone!  … Read more →

Struggling with Self Confidence

What is self confidence?   I’m 29 going on 30 soon enough and I’m still struggling with confidence.  ‘Why’ you ask?   Growing up I was fit and healthy.. in Australian standards.  However, when you come from an Asian background, you’re pretty much considered fat.  I’m 4″9 and can yoyo between 50kg to 56kg (at my worst).  For any normal… Read more →