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Mussel, Prawn & Tomato Pot

One of my favourite dishes that without fail everyone devours within minutes is my mussel and prawn tomato pot.  Although the prep time takes awhile due to washing and cleaning the fresh mussels, it’s super duper worth being patience because the flavours are just insane in your mouth.  It’s the perfect dish for summer – imagine yourself sitting on the… Read more →

Lazy pasta reciepe

*takes deep breath* I love cooking and I love the time spent prepping and the process but sometimes you just want the food NOW and skip the whole 4348303 hours in the kitchen getting dinner ready and sometimes there isn’t much in the fridge or pantry but grocery shopping day isn’t for another 4 days and I can’t be bothered going after… Read more →

Slow cooked beef Ragu

I am a big sucker for anything that is slow cooked.  Although the preparation is relatively simple, the result is always delicious.  Watching meat slowly become so soft and tender that it fall apart as you pick it up and seeing the soup base turn into a sauce is super satisfying.  Ragu is a dish that is comforting and homely.… Read more →

New York, New York

Chaotic, over populated, lively and bustling with food – New York is everything you have seen on TV and movies, but so much better when you’re standing amongst it all. My husband and I spent about a week in New York.  We decided to stay at an Airbnb apartment in Hells Kitchen on the 4th floor (by god, it’s like New… Read more →

Banana Bread

    I’m really not a big fan of bananas.  I refuse to eat them however there are two ways you can serve it to me and I will happily scoff it down.  Serve it as a banana split with ice cream, whipped cream, nuts (all things I actually don’t enjoy in one dish go together so well LOL) or… Read more →

Simple Pesto Recipe

I’m back with another super easy recipe for you.  This is one you can pretty much blitz together within 15 minutes after work if you’re looking for something simple and quick for those hectic days. The best thing about it is that you really can add anything to it if you just stick to the basics.  I normally like to mix… Read more →