2016 Beauty All Stars

  I haven’t done a favorites posts in a long time and honestly, it’s way to late in the year to start again so I decided to do a 2016 Beauty All Stars instead! Most of these items you will have seen regularly on my Instagram (make sure you are following me if you aren’t already!) or have popped up… Read more →

Favorite foundations

  It’s been a long while since I did a favorites post. As I’ve grown and learnt a little more about beauty and makeup, my favorite beauty products have slightly changed to match the changes to my skin and lifestyle (i.e lazy lifestyle).   With today’s post, I wanted to share my updated highly recommended foundations that not only I love for… Read more →

Hong Kong 2015

Hong Kong was one of those cities that I had always wanted to visit – not for the shopping like most people but for the food.  I am a little over shopping on holidays after our trip to the states because all that heavy luggage, packing down boxes and buying things I really don’t need just put me off.  So… Read more →