Stuff you should never say to an expectant mother

Pregnancy is such a wonderful time but I’m not going to lie, some days are very difficult.  Your body changes so rapidly, mood swings kick in and sometimes there are days where you just feel shit about yourself and it doesn’t help when people just say things to you that can be irritating.  I pride myself in being a very patient person however during this pregnancy my patience was tested and there was a lot of eye rolling involved…


By the way, just a warning in advance, I’m throwing in a lot of cursing in the post.


“Is the baby here yet?  Are you in hospital?  Wheres the baby?”

If you know mum’s expectant due date just leave her alone.  She’s probably already anxious enough without having every single fucking person call or text her all day every day asking if the baby has arrived yet- especially if she’s overdue.  When she’s ready to let the world know she’ll be sure to announce it.  How awkward would it be if she’s had the toughest labour and mum and baby aren’t doing great at all and here you are pestering her about if the baby is here.  BACK THE FUCK OFF.  This really annoyed me the week leading up my due date.  I know people cared but I also knew they were being nosey (especially coming from ‘friends’ I never hear from and all of a sudden they’re messaging me to find out details).  I chose to not let anyone except my immediate family know until after we had arrived home.  Also, they were ringing into my ‘sleep’ time waking me up from my naps.  My tip?  Keep your phone on silent.

“Oh wow, you’re massive!  Are you sure you’re not expecting twins.. or triplets?”

Like seriously?  We are already  self conscious enough and well aware that yes, we are big.  A ‘hey you look amazing’ would be much nicer.  Pointing out how big a pregnant woman has gotten really doesn’t make us feel good – or at least I didn’t.  I had a few friends who also felt very self conscious and questioned their health when people would say “Oh, you’re belly is so small for (insert number) months!”.  Yes, like this is going to make an expectant mother feel good about herself.

“Oh you’re never gonna sleep again.  Get use to it.”

Well fuck me Captain Obvious.  However right now, instead of telling me I’ll never sleep again, how about saying ‘here are some helpful tips to get at least a few hours rest at night so that you can stay healthy and bubba can continue growing inside you’ rather than point out the obvious.  I know what I’m getting myself into so no need for you to be smug.

“Are you going to breast feed?  You know breast is best right?”

Look mate, I was brought up on formula only and so were my other two siblings.  We grew up to be extremely healthy beings.  I will do what is right for me and my baby whether that’s breastfeeding, formula or both.  I chose breast for now but if I dry up or baby doesn’t latch, I’m not going to hesitate to substitute with formula.

“Do you have a birth plan?”

Umm, no.  Why?  Because I know nothing ever goes to plan.  I’m going in there with an open mind and am not going to shut down any options that are available to me.

“You should go natural without the drugs.  It’s better for you and the baby”

Well, let me tell you something.  When the time comes, and I cannot tolerate the pain, I WILL NOT hesitate to ask for the drugs.  You should never judge a woman on how she decides to give birth.  Every pregnant woman is different and our pain tolerance are not all the same.  It doesn’t make us any less stronger.  We’ve gone through nine months of carrying a child inside us, so if a little drug helps, so be it.

“Wow, you left pregnancy a bit late!”

ARE YOU KIDDING ME?  I’m 30 going onto 31.  Tell me, in this day and age what the hell is considered too old for children?

“Geez, how much weight have you put on?”

Um, that’s really none of your business.  It’s rude to ask anyone how much they weigh, so makes it okay to ask a pregnant woman?  Unless the mother to be brings up the weight topic, just don’t.


While pregnant, did you ever experience people saying or asking weird and obnoxious things to you?  Share them in the comment section below!


  4 comments for “Stuff you should never say to an expectant mother

  1. yulinismaterialgirl
    February 19, 2017 at 10:27 am

    You are right. Some people are so opinionated. What you do with your life is really none of the others business. xo

  2. February 19, 2017 at 8:30 pm

    Well said Hun! It’s hard enough being pregnant without people hassling you! I had all of these when I was pregnant only I got the ‘your too young’ instead of ‘too old’! Hope you and Bub are doing great and I’ve been loving your Mum & Bub posts x

    • February 20, 2017 at 2:36 am

      Ugh, People just always have to have a say don’t they? Thanks for stopping past! xo

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