Wedding talk – Dessert Bars & Candy Buffets

With my one year anniversary only a few weeks away, I thought it would be appropriate to blog about something wedding related.

Many of us girls have been there with the stress of organizing our weddings – and that’s just the big ticket things.  Then there’s the smaller stuff to think about – like bands, wedding rings (I had a friend who completely forgot to organize this until her final week!) bonbonnieres etc.

It just so happens that I’m a control freak and too organised for my own good, so most of my wedding planning was pretty much done with no issues. As we also had a larger than normal wedding (I’m asian, so a party of over 200 people is the norm) we had to scrimp and save and DIY where we could.

After attending a friend’s wedding a few years back and seeing how beautiful her candy bar was, I decided that was exactly what I wanted. However as we had a budget for the wedding, I couldn’t afford to splash out and go crazy like she did so I decided to set one up myself and put my own simple twist to it.

As a wedding gift to us one friend made some beautiful cake pops and another friend also made us some delicious macrons! Just from those two generous wedding gifts we had already saved a few hundred dollars! We also had contacts through another friend to hire out her glassware and lolly stands – again, saving a buck where we could.

The hubby spent a couple of days before the wedding baking and made some pretty awesome shortbread biscuits*drools*

My stomach was turning once we arrived to the reception thinking that I was not going to have everything setup and ready by the time guests arrived.  However my entire family and some close friends rocked up an hour early and started to take everything out, pouring lollies into jars, placing the macrons onto trays, putting the cake pops into their stands and setting up the decorations around the table beautifully! I am forever grateful for their help!  So unbelievably amazing at just how generous people were with their time for us!

Everything ended up looking amazing and can you believe that all up I only spent $90? Lollies, lolly bags, some decor which I picked up from Kaisercraft which I ended painting myself and candles from Kmart.  Talk about being a wedding scrooge!

We had many compliments throughout the night and people asking who we had hired for the candy bar!

photo2 photo3

Photo Credit: Chau Nguyen

candybar 2 candybar 3 candybar

Photo Credit : A Touch of Flash


My tips for an easy DIY candy bar

  • Set a realistic budget for yourself.  Can you afford to splash out $1000 for a candy bar or are you limited to only a couple of hundred dollars?
  • Are you going to be serving your candy bar as a dessert?  If so, would you be able to save some money from removing the desert from the reception/restaurant menu?
  • Rather than handing out bonbonnieres, give everyone a small lolly bag or container to take it home with them
  • Do you have a theme?  Pick something that’s easy to work with if you want to match colors with setup and lollies
  • Keep it simple.  There’s nothing more beautiful than a simple set up.  Stick with just one or two colors for your theme.  Nothing is worse that seeing a messy dessert bar with too much happening!
  • DIY?  Use what you have at home or what you can borrow from mum!   I know my mum had a bunch of things I took on the day … and by ‘took’ I mean ‘borrowed’.   Vases can work well, old mason jars, fish bowls and you’ll be surprised how gorgeous food looks on that plain cake stand you have sitting in the cupboard!  If you don’t have items to work with, seek to hire the decor
  • For cheap lolly and biscuit options, make sure you do your research.  We all know that buying is bulk is usually a cheap option.  There are plenty of lolly warehouses around that sell them by the bulk – and many of them even have the decor to hire out too if you get stuck
  • Give yourself at least an hour before the reception starts to get everything in order
  • Most receptions and venues will give you the option of dropping things off the night before the wedding which saves a lot of running around on the actual day.  Do yourself a favor and take advantage of dropping whatever you can off
  • Last but not least, make sure you check with your venue if they have any OHS rules in terms of serving foods and baked goods – I am aware there are a few selected places that will not allow you to DIY baked goods unless they have come from a commercial kitchen with a food certificate!  Be careful!


If you don’t have a budget and you are not a big fan of DIY, contact a local business who specialize in buffets/candy bars to help you out.  Quotes are usually free and most companies can cater to your budget.  I highly recommend Candylicious Lolly Buffet – They are a Melbourne based company that offer great service and they’re an accredited bridal service so you know it’s not some dodgy business you just found on Google.  They will cater to your style and ideas and bring them to life.

It’s nice to be stress free on your wedding day knowing that some else has the responsibility of setting everything up and packing it all down at the end of the night!  They also have a Facebook page to be sure you check them out!  They also cater for baby showers and birthdays too !

DSCN0568 IMG_5840 DSCN0619

Photo credit: Candylicious Lolly Buffet


Now if you more or less decide to do the set up yourself and require just a baker for some great sweets like Macrons and Cakepops, Lune de Miel Bakery is the superwoman to call.  Her selection of sweets are amazing and so friggin delicious!  It doesn’t just stop at the smaller items – she bakes cakes too!  I’m just drooling thinking about her delicate salted caramel macrons  >_<  Even if you have a small event coming up light high tea with friends or baby shower, she does smaller orders as well!  P.S don’t tell me you’re not going to excited seeing the donut cake pop down the bottom!  SCROLL SCROLL SCROLL !



cakemini donuts

Photo credit: Lune de Miel Bakery


A great DIY link for weddings or any kind of parties is Wedding Chicks.  They have so many DIY ideas for decors and gift bags, you’ll be sure to save plenty of money here too!


Have you had a candy bar before?  What was your theme & what did you have on display?


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